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Are you looking for vs. ChemiCloud comparison? You are also confused between them? Don’t worry! You are in the right place.

Our article has shown a detailed comparison of vs. ChemiCloud. This will help you to get out of the confusion between and ChemiCloud.

With the help of this, you can choose a better web hosting for your website.

About ChemiCloud and

ChemiCloud was launched in 2016. The company specializes in shared hosting websites, cloud VPS servers, reseller hosting, and WordPress hosting.

You can access it via the domain from anywhere in the world. 

With less than a few years of existence in the web hosting market, it has managed to attract many users. was launched in 2020. The company is relatively new to the market. Apart from being new in the market, it conquers its position because of its excellent web hosting services.

It provides only managed WordPress hosting.

The major advantage with is, you can get Cloudflare Enterprise plan benefits free of cost.

It aims to create the fastest, easiest, and most secure platform on earth. vs. ChemiCloud: Comparison Based on Features

1. Fastest Page Speed

ChemiCloud provides SSD-based Litespeed servers to improve your page speed.

But provides a Cloudflare Edge server to improve page speed.

These servers provide almost the same speed. But we noticed that is slightly faster than ChemiCloud.

So the winner is

2. Backups

Both of them provide daily and automated backups.

But the backup retention period of is 14 days for all plans.

In contrast, Chemicloud offers a backup retention period of 10 days for the Starter plan, 20 days for the Pro plan, and 30 days for its Turbo plan.

A second difference is that also provides on-demand backups.

So here is the tie between them.

3. Cloudflare Enterprise Benefits and ChemiCloud both offer Cloudflare enterprise plan benefits. offers Cloudflare CDN, WAF, and caching. But as part of its managed WordPress hosting service, ChemoCloud also provides Cloudflare CDN and WAF.

In addition, ChemiCloud provides advanced firewall protection with its Pro and Turbo plan.

ChemiCloud has 25000 people visits per month with its starter plan and a maximum of 100000 with its turbo plan.

In contrast, has about 250000 people visiting per month with its starter plan, which is ten times more than Chemicloud.

ChemiCloud provides disk space from 15 GB to 35 GB, while provides disk space from 10 GB to 50 GB.

So, considering the visits per month, the winner is

4. Control Panel

ChemiCloud uses cPanel to manage the services they provide.

But does not use cPanel; instead, it uses its own control panel.

If you compare, you can notice that the control panel of is easier to use. Also, it looks simple and attractive.

So here, the winner is

5. Money-Back Guarantee

This is one of the important things from the customer’s point of view.

Many companies offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, and is not an exception.

It also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

But ChemiCloud offers you a 45-day money-back guarantee, which is more than many of the other companies.

So the winner is Chemicloud.

6. Security and ChemiCloud both offer Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates for free. Other than that, both offer WAF features for the protection of your website.

So here both are winners.

7. Customer Support

There is a knowledgeable support team at and ChemiCloud to answer all your questions about the service they offer. offers 24/7 customer support via phone, live chat, email, and support ticket.

As for ChemiCloud, the company offers 24/7 customer support through live chat, phone calls, and online support tickets.

They promise to reply instantly on live chat and within ten minutes with a support ticket.

So by thinking over all these points, both are winners. vs. ChemiCloud: Comparison Based on Plan and Pricing provides four plans in managed WordPress hosting, namely Starter, Pro, Business, and Agency plan.

They offer to host 1, 3, 10, and 25 websites with their hosting plans, respectively.

In contrast, ChemiCloud offers Starter, Pro, and Turbo-managed WordPress hosting plans.

They offer to host one website with their starter plan, and with their Pro and Turbo plan, you can host unlimited websites.

ChemiCloud offers monthly, annual and triennial plans.

But Offers monthly and annual plans only.

The plans of start at $25 per month, but with an annual subscription, you can get two months free.

On the other hand, ChemiClouds plans start at only $3.75 per month with a triennial subscription. This price has become much less than

Besides this, we can not ignore the special offer that provides.

They offer a special price for the first month with all their plans.

Whatever plan you choose, you have to pay only $1 for the first month. That means you can save up to $199 for the first month on the Agency plan.

So by considering all these things, the winner is vs Chemicloud: Conclusion

Here we tried to give you detailed information about and ChemiCloud.

We hope you will find this vs. ChemiCloud comparison helpful when choosing a WordPress host for your site.

But by studying the points mentioned above, we recommend over ChemiCloud.

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