Affiliate Disclosure: I write tutorials, reviews, and industry updates on this blog. The articles may contain affiliate links. If you buy any products using my affiliate link, I will earn an affiliate commission without any additional cost to you. This way I can continue to create more informative content for you. Review 2023: The Fastest Managed WordPress Hosting offers fully managed WordPress hosting services that are extremely fast. They are able to offer such a fast platform due to their edge cloud infrastructure.

Its goal is to create the fastest, easiest, and most secure platform on earth.

Their easy-to-use dashboard allows you to manage all your websites.

They also provide CDN, backups, and automated updates as part of their hosting plans. is a better option for you if you are looking for Cloudflare features and the most secure and fastest web hosting to grow your business.

Our review will provide detailed information regarding top features, pricing options, pros & cons, and alternatives.

What is launched in 2020, making it a relatively new player in the market. Ben Gabler and Aaron Dewell Phillips founded Both have extensive experience in the hosting industry.

You’ll find that Rocket offers the best and least expensive Managed WordPress Hosting out there.

It only took a few months to become popular and now competes with giants like Kinsta and Wp engine.

If you subscribe to a plan, you will receive all Cloudflare Enterprise plan benefits for free. Among the benefits are Cloudflare CDN, Cloudflare WAF, Caching, Image Optimization, and minification. Review: Pros and Cons Pros:

  1. Easiest control panel.
  2. Cloudflare enterprise services are free of cost.
  3. WAF protection with two Web Application Firewalls.
  4. High uptime is about 99.99%.
  5. Experienced customer support. Cons: 

  1. Little expensive for beginners.
  2. Only WordPress websites work with this hosting. Review: Top Features

1. Cloudflare CDN’s premium accounts currently feature Cloudflare Enterprise. So you can take advantage of all Cloudflare Enterprise plan features for free.

Cloudflare CDN is one of that features.

By using this CDN, you can access premium markets around the world, like Australia and India.

Your website is also prioritized among global traffic.

2. Control Panel

This is one of Rocket’s best features. does not use cPanel.

It has its own control panel, which has the easiest user interface.

With beautiful design, you can see key parameters on the dashboard.

This parameter includes the number of websites you host, the total number of visitors, and disk and bandwidth usage.

The WordPress Dashboard is also easy to access with a single click, and if you’re on a Pro plan or higher, you can even add more sites.

3. Website Firewall (WAF) uses two Web Application Firewalls. In first, traffic is routed through Cloudflare’s firewall, and requests are then routed through imunify360’s internal firewall.

It also protects your WordPress from SQL injections, malicious file uploads, cross-site scripting (XSS), and comment spam. You do not need a plugin.

4. Backups

As you know, backup is a very important asset to the website.

Here provides daily and automated backups. So, you can restore your data with just one click if something goes wrong.

The backup retention period is 14 days.

They also offer on-demand backups.

This is what makes stand out.

5. Expert Customer Support is much better than EIG when it comes to customer support, which leaves something to be desired.

It has a team of experts who are available 24*7 to address any issues you have with your hosting account. 

Rocket provides 24*7 support via phone, chat, and email and will assist you with optimizing your WordPress website for no additional charge. It’s truly managed WordPress hosting. Review: Plans and Pricing Pricing Plans Pricing Plans

Rocket Hosting offers four different hosting plans.

The first one is called the Starter plan. It will cost you around $30 a month. With an annual subscription, you will get two months off on annual billing. 

The hosting package includes a year’s worth of support, and it’s limited to just one website. Also, it can handle massive 250000 people visits.

For those who have only one website, this plan is a good choice.

Next is the Pro plan. You will have to spend $60 a month on it. Support is included for a year, and three websites will be hosted. With 20 GB storage, it can handle 1000000 people visits. So if you have multiple websites, you can go for this plan.

The next one is a Business plan. For this, you have to pay $100 per month. With this plan, you will get support for one year, and ten websites will be hosted. Also, you will get 40 GB storage and 2500000 people visits. 

Business people with up to 10 websites can benefit from this plan.

The last one is the Agency plan. You will get this plan at $200 per month. In this plan, Rocket provides support for one year, and 25 websites will be hosted. Also, it includes 50 GB storage and 5000000 people visits.

If you want to host more than 25 websites, then you have a special price from To know that special price you have to contact customer support. Review: Coupon Code

There is another good news from Rocket they offer a special discount on their plans.

Many companies provide discounts in some percentage, but comes with a unique offer.

Initially, there is a $1 offer for the first month. Discount Coupon Discount Coupon

Hence, if you sign up for, the first month is only $1 regardless of your plan choice. Wow!

This is an unbelievable offer from Review: Alternatives

WP Engine

Hosting company WP Engine specializes in managing the hosting of websites powered by WordPress, a widely used content management system. 

The company has offices and data centers throughout the world, although its headquarters are in the United States.

WP Engine was founded on March 1, 2010, by Bullen Wilson, Ben Matcalfe, and Jason Cohen.

The co-founder of the company, Aaron Brazell, was active in the WordPress community. The three could see an opportunity for providing a hosting service that could be more beneficial to WordPress customers.


BlueHost is a cloud-based hosting provider known for its competitive pricing.

Apart from domain registration, the system provides shared hosting, private virtual networks, and reseller hosting.

There is a simple user interface, extremely affordable pricing tiers, and a one-click installer for WordPress users.

In fact, recommends that you use Bluehost since it is easy to set up and manage.

With Bluehost, you’ll find a wide range of features and functionalities that you’ll enjoy. 


Kinsta was founded in 2003. They start working to become the hosting provider who can provide you fast and secure home for your website at a low price.

It is true that Kinsta’s starter plan is competitive with other premium managed WordPress hosts, but it is not a low-cost budget host.

Compared to generic web hosting, Kinsta managed WordPress hosting offers more uptime, fewer performance issues, and faster site loading times.

Kinsta offers Managed WordPress only.

So, the support staff at Kinsta is extremely experienced in helping WordPress users and is also an expert at resolving problems associated with this software.

Some members of the WordPress support staff contribute to the software.

So overall, Kinsta will be one of the best alternatives for

WPX Hosting

Terry Kyle, a marketing expert, founded WPX Hosting in 2013. He has worked for most of the hosting companies on the web.

Due to its success in the digital market, it has become a popular and reliable web host.

The company offers great features, such as a high-speed custom CDN, a 30-second average live chat response time, PHP 7X, and a one-click WordPress installation.

The outstanding features and performance of WPX Hosting have enabled it to gain the trust of thousands of customers.

So you can think about it as an alternative for Review: FAQs

1. What is Rocket hosting?

With Rocket Hosting, you get access to fast, reliable hosting services that are suitable for WordPress websites.

2. How can I pay for the hosting service?

They accept payments through Stripe and PayPal.
Therefore, the cards that work with these services are accepted here.

3. Does offer any discounts?

Currently, there is an initial offer of $1 for the first month.
In other words, you only have to pay $1 for the first month.

4. offers a money-back guarantee?

When you buy from, you will receive a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied.
Within 30 days after your purchase, you can request a refund. Review: Conclusion

If you want to host your WordPress site, Rocket Hosting is an excellent option.

They offer fast, WordPress-optimized servers. You’ll also enjoy enhanced security, automatic updates, and knowledgeable support.

Because of this, we recommend as one of our best choices in terms of managed WordPress hosting.

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