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You are looking interested in web hosting. But maybe you are a little confused and need some help choosing the right plan for your blog or website.

Don’t Worry! Here I am going to give details about pricing.

We will compare each hosting plan thoroughly with one another. It will help you to choose the best plan for your blog or website. Web Hosting Plans Pricing Plans Pricing Plans begins to make an impact on the global market. It aims to create the world’s fastest, most secure, and easiest to use platform on the planet.

With four hosting plans, they basically provide managed WordPress hosting. The plans are named Starter, Pro, Business, and Agency. Starter Plan: Starts at $30/mo Pro Plan: Starts at $60/mo Business Plan: Starts at $100/mo Agency Plan: Starts at $200/mo Starter Plan

Beginners who wish to begin their blog/website with the fastest and most secure hosting should choose this plan.

You can get some good features in this plan, including hosting for one website, which can handle a maximum of 250000 people visits, and 10 GB storage.

It also offers a free SSL certificate, free CDN, and WAF.

SSL certificate ensures the security of your website, and CDN helps to improve the performance of your site.

These all features you will get at $30/mo.

But gives about a 17% discount on the yearly registration.

If you register for a yearly plan, then you will get it at $25/mo. Pro Plan

It is the right plan for you if you would like to host multiple websites.

This Pro plan provides hosting for three websites.

Also, it comes with more storage and can handle more people visits than the Starter plan.

It includes 20 GB storage and can handle about 1000000 people visits.

Free SSL, CDN, and WAF are the same as the Starter plan.

This plan starts at $60/mo. But for the annual registration price is $50/mo. Business Plan

If you are a businessman and searching for better hosting for your online business, then you are at the right place.

With this plan, provides you hosting for ten websites.

This will definitely help you in your business growth.

The business plan also provides you great 40 GB storage and can handle 2500000 people visits.

You will get Free SSL, CDN, and WAF as same as Starter and Pro Plan.

These all features you will get at $100/mo.

But you will get it at $83/mo with the yearly registration of the plan as provides a 17% discount on their plans. Agency Plan

The Agency plan allows you to host up to 25 websites.

This plan allows you to handle multiple customers with plenty of resources.

You will get a massive 50 GB storage and handling capacity of 5000000 people visits.

The features also include free SSL, CDN, and WAF.

You will claim for this plan at $200/mo.

If you claim for the yearly plan, then you have to pay $166/mo.

With a 17% discount on plans, you can save about $34 per month.

Here is another good news for you, from

If you wish to host for more than 25 websites, then there is a special offer for you.

Just contact Customer support to have details about that special price. Pricing: Summary

Here we provided pricing details for you.

So choose your favorite plan and start your business with one of the best hosting services.

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