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Moosend Black Friday Cyber Monday deals 2022: 20% Off

Yes, you’ve found the right place. Your search is over. Moosend Black Friday Cyber Monday deals are here.

You have a chance to get Moosend with a huge discount. You can get up to 20% off with this deal.

It offers you an easy-to-use email marketing platform for businesses that don’t want to pay a lot for industry-leading features.

With this deal, you will have access to email marketing, unlimited emails, and segmentation. You can also get a free trial of Moosend before claiming its premium plan. 

Note that this deal is for a limited time. It will start from 25th November and be valid up to the 1st week of December.

Moosend Cyber Monday Deal 2022: Pricing Plans

Moosend PlansDiscounted PriceRegular PriceLink
Pro$8/month$10/monthGet Pro Plan
EnterpriseCustomCustomGet Enterprise Plan

The mission of Moosend is to automate repetitive tasks so marketers can focus on building relationships with their clients.

It is ideal for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

With Moosend, you have an opportunity to save your money as it offers up to a 20% discount on its premium plan. The plan starts with just $8 per month

It offers some great features at such an affordable price.

You can get access to landing pages, transactional emails, phone support, and many other things. This is an interesting deal that I did not find with any other marketing platform.

How to Get Moosend Black Friday Cyber Monday Discount 2022

You can claim your Moosend Cyber Monday discount by following these simple steps.

Step 1: Click here to go for a discount page.

Step 2: You can see that Moosend offers a free trial. It is possible to claim a free trial by using email. But it has some limitations. So I suggest going for the premium plan.

Step 3: For premium plans, click on the pricing section. You will see different plans offered by Moosend. Select whichever plan you want.

Moosend Black Friday Pricing
Moosend Black Friday Pricing

Step 4: It will ask you for an email. Enter your valid email and other necessary details. 

Step 5: Verify your email and Grow your business with Moosend.

Congratulations! You successfully claim Moosend Cyber Monday Discount.

Reasons to Buy Moosend Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale 2022

1. Marketing Automation Tools

These tools allow marketers to determine when to send emails or perform other actions based on specific events.

For example, if a prospect adds a product to their shopping cart but does not check out, an email could remind them that they need to complete the purchase.

The Moosend automation framework consists of three components: triggers (events that trigger actions), conditional/control steps (filters for each trigger), and actions (actions that respond to triggers).

2. Email Segmentation 

With email segmentation, you can collect visitor information with custom opt-in forms that can be added to their websites or social networks to build email lists.

You can customize each field and collect data such as gender, age, and favorite brands.

Once the data is collected, you may create segment filters. It is also possible to remove subscribers in bulk.

3. Email Builder

Moosend comes with an email editor that allows users to create professional-looking emails.

You can drag and drop several types of content into your templates, such as articles, buttons, images, videos, and social media icons. 

In addition, you can incorporate conditional blocks into your email templates.

It allows you to customize the emails you send to your subscribers based on the information you collect.

4. Analytics 

Moosend provides analytics tools that help you measure the success of your campaigns.

With the link analytics feature, you can see which links your subscribers click on, and the email client and device metrics help you find out which email applications and devices subscribers use.

Additionally, you can check the day, time, and location of the email opens. You can export these reports to Excel or other formats.

5. A/B Testing

Moosend offers an A/B testing function that you can utilize to improve your emails and subject lines.

It helps you create multiple versions of your email and send each one to a portion of your customers.

It keeps track of how each version performs, and you can send the winning email to the rest of your testing pool.

Moosend Cyber Monday Deals 2022: FAQs

1. What is Moosend?

It is one of the best tools to manage email campaigns, as it allows you to manage email campaigns quickly and easily. The tool will enable you to create new campaigns or manage existing ones.

2. Is Moosend free software?

Yes, it offers a free forever plan in which you can add up to 1,000 subscribers and send unlimited emails.

3. What payment methods does Moosend support?

Subscription and pay-as-you-go are the two payment methods offered by Moosend. Both can be paid for with a credit card or Paypal.

4. Can I send bulk emails with Moosend?

Since Moosend is an email service provider (ESP), it offers email marketing services and tools for sending emails in bulk.

5. Does Moosend offer a free SMTP server?

Yes, but not in the free plan. To use this feature, you must purchase a pro subscription.

Moosend Cyber Monday Sale 2022: Summary

In this article, I covered Moosend Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

Moosend is an all-in-one marketing software. It includes everything you need to make your work even more effective. It is the best email marketing software available today since it offers so many features.

So don’t waste your time. Grab this deal before your competitors.

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