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Jungle Scout Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals 2022: 60% Off

Searching for Jungle Scout Balck Friday Cyber Monday Deals 2022? Then you landed on the right page.

Jungle Scout offers a massive 60% discount on its annual subscription.

Since it is a limited-time deal, it will live from 15 November to 2 December.

The Jungle Scout is a set of tools primarily for people who sell items on Amazon.

It is beneficial for people who use the popular Amazon FBA runtime framework.

You won’t have to worry about product storage, delivery, customer service, or returns with Amazon FBA.

See below the Jungle Scout black Friday sale.

What Is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is a research tool used in many cases regarding companies getting started on Amazon. You can search for winning products on Amazon, measure sales, and analyze keywords.

It has one easy-to-use dashboard that helps users keep an eye on their competitors.

It is an easy-to-use tool for keyword research and getting effective and high-quality keywords.

The accessible product database also makes it easy to browse extensive catalogs.

Jungle Scout also has intuitive software and loads the dashboard very quickly. This platform also provides tutorial videos on navigating the tools and features.

Apart from this, it also helps users visualize real-life scenarios and work seamlessly with them.

Jungle Scout goes the extra mile to make users feel welcome and comfortable.

Who Should Use JungleScout?

JungleScout is for you if:

  • You have a low budget.
  • You need a simple tool.
  • You need an excellent product research tool.

How to Activate Jungle Scout Black Friday Deals

To take advantage of the Jungle Scout Black Friday deal and Cyber Monday deal, activate it. Activate Jungle Scout Black Friday deal by the subsequent actions.

Step 1: Visit the Jungle Scout Official Black Friday page.

Step 2: Click on the pricing menu in the header section. Select the plan based on your needs and hit the Buy Now button.

Jungle Scout Web Page
Jungle Scout Web Page

Don’t forget to go for an annual subscription to get the maximum discount on Jungle Scout.

Step 3: Create a Jungle Scout account with your email address and strong password.

Jungle Scout Sign up Page
Jungle Scout Sign up Page

Step 4: Jungle Scout checkout page will appear. You will see your order summary on the top side.

Jungle Scout Checkout Page
Jungle Scout Checkout Page

Step 5: Enter your credit card details and billing address.

Jungle Scout Billing Information
Jungle Scout Billing Information

Step 6: Make a payment and confirm your order.

Congratulations! You successfully claimed Jungle Scout Black Friday discount.

Jungle Scout Pricing Plans:

Jungle Scout Pricing Plans
Jungle Scout Pricing Plans

Jungle Scout offers merchants a flexible pricing option. Jungle scout plans are divided into a few standard packages. Below I am providing an overview of the price ranges for this program.

Jungle Scout PlansDiscounted PriceRegular PriceLink
Basic Plan$29/month$49/monthBuy Now
Suite Plan$49/month$69/monthBuy Now
Professional Plan$84/month$129/monthBuy Now

Basic Plan:

The Basic plan costs a $349 annual subscription. The Suite offer gives access to the extension for Chrome or Firefox.

Plan Includes:

  • Single user license
  • Track up to 20 products
  • One month of product data
  • One month of historical keyword data

Suite Plan:

The Suite plan costs a $589 annual subscription. By upgrading to the Suite plan offer, you will have access to the extension as well as all the features of the web software.

Plan Includes:

  • Three months of product data
  • One year of historical keyword data
  • One user license (Additional user seat costs $459/year)
  • Track up to 150 products

Professional Plan:

The professional plan costs a $999 annual subscription. The Professional offer is similar to the Suite formula. Still, it allows much more intensive use of the solution regarding the number of users, number of searches, data generated, number of keywords, etc.

Plan Includes:

  • Track up to 1000 ASINs
  • Six months of product data
  • Six users included
  • Historical data for six months in Product Tracker
  • Historical keyword data for two years
  • Priority Connection

Jungle Scout Top Features

Jungle Scout has many features and functionality, so it can be challenging to master. But no matter where you are on your journey to selling on Amazon, this tool will help you. The features of Jungle Scout are.

1. Jungle Scout Web App

The Jungle Scout web app is the best feature of the Jungle Scout tool.

This tool is a collection of utilities designed for various purposes.

The Jungle Scout web application provides a complete set of tools suitable for product research.

2. Niche Hunter

The Niche Hunter is one of the best features of Jungle Scout.

This tool is intended to help you find a market opportunity, but this time in a more holistic way.

The results provide scores for each niche and assist you in identifying top-rated products in which particular places in a seamless manner.

This small number ranging from 0 to 10 that appears in your chrome extension gives you the opinion of the Jungle Scout algorithms on the product niche.

The niche hunter tool provides rankings based on competition, demand, and listing quality. Jungle Scout also offers real-time sales data tracking to follow the trend of what’s on sale.

3. Keyword Scout

The Jungle Scout Keyword Scout lets you dig deeper into what customers search for on Amazon. You can also get keyword-competing products and improve your game accordingly.

You can also get information about historical search volume from two years; this allows you to get a holistic view of your product.

Sellers can add an item to a list, decide, and stay organized.

The Keyword Scout tool allows sellers to research what people are looking for.

4. Product Database

Market research or competition research is one of the essential steps that should not be overlooked when selling products on Amazon.

Jungle Scout has a vast database that will allow you to gather accurate information about sales velocity, revenue, market movements, and product trends.

You can perform complex searches by category, using different criteria, with this product information tool.

Thanks to Jungle Scout, you can list, search and list products according to specific criteria.

With Jungle Scout, you will have a complete overview of markets and products with all the information you may need in just a few minutes.

5. Jungle Scout Rank Tracker

The Jungle Scout Rank Tracker allows users to track keywords over a long period.

It also allows users to view historical keywords and compare ranking history with graphical views.

6. Product Tracker

Jungle Scout lets users track the main revenues of a group of products in real-time.

Its clean interface also helps users organize products systematically and monitor aspects like daily home, inventory, ranking, etc.

In addition, the tracker tracks product ideas over time.

Once you find your next hit, Jungle Scout Product Tracking gives you accurate data so you can easily compare products.

7. Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

Jungle Scout has a Chrome extension that helps Amazon sellers. This can help you see when something happened and what might happen in the future. This is handy for searching for products on Amazon.

Once you have this data, you will be able to find out about it in Google Trends and other search statistics that can be useful for selling your products.

8. Jungle Scout Opportunity Seeker

The Jungle Scout opportunity seeker feature is a fantastic tool that helps you find the best products to sell, learn about new trends, and eliminate wrong products.

This will help you discover promising opportunities by reverse engineering the sales dynamics of similar products.

Use this powerful tool before investing in production to avoid costly mistakes. It’s unique!

9. Jungle Scout Inventory Manager

Jungle Scout Inventory Manager uses on-demand AI to help you drive long-term profitable growth with accurate operational data.

With its predictive technology, Jungle Scout is renowned for accurately predicting the quantity of inventory a reliable online store will require.

It also helps you calculate a reliable inventory requirement and gives you an exact number.

You can also reduce costs on long-term inventory disks and prevent not being stocked at any given time.

Track inventory across multiple accounts, adjust orders as needed, and understand the costs of ordering too little or too much merchandise.

The Jungle Scout Inventory Manager accurately predicts how much stock you should order and the best dates to boost your sales while avoiding storage fees and overstocking.

Jungle Scout Pros and Cons

Jungle Scout is designed to help you connect with your customers and sell more on Amazon. Here see the pros and cons of the Jungle Scout so that you can decide if it is suitable for you or not.


  • This is user-friendly software, and you don’t need any knowledge to start using it.
  • It also saves time as all features, such as input fields, work smoothly and are easy to manage.
  • One of the main factors is customer support. They provide quality support to their users.
  • Take screenshots for other people’s reviews. Thus, it was easy to understand and decide whether it was good or bad.
  • For beginners, it provides a guide to understanding how to operate it.
  • Supplier funds are excellent.
  • It’s very cheap for beginners.


  • Monthly plans are expensive, so getting an annual plan is a good idea.
  • There may be some issues when using Chrome extensions, but the following guide will help you sort out the problems.

Jungle Scout Alternatives:

To expand your Amazon business, you can also see these Amazon item management tools as an alternative to Jungle Scout.

  • Helium 10
  • AMZ Scout
  • Viral Launch
  • Keepa
  • CamelCamelCamel

Jungle Scout Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale: FAQs

1. How to use Jungle Scout?

You need to register with Jungle Scout to use their program or jungle scout extension, which will allow you to collect all the data and automation you need.

2. Is Jungle Scout free?

Comparatively, Jungle Scout does not offer a Jungle Scout free trial. However, a 7-day money-back guarantee is available. When a jungle scout promo code is available, the company occasionally gives or applies a jungle scout discount.

3. How does Jungle Scout work?

They collaborate with Amazon and constantly analyze Amazon data to provide accurate information. They offer sophisticated and efficient automation through the Amazon API.

4. How to stop Jungle Scout?

On the Jungle Scout site, once you’ve logged in, click on your profile, navigate your subscription options, and select the cancel plan button.

5. Is Jungle Scout safe to use?

A web resource called Jungle Scout helps users locate the best products for sale online. Jungle Scout is a trustworthy and safe tool, evidenced by its 4.2 out of 5-star rating on the website.
Since Jungle Scout stores your sales in Amazon’s database, the only downside is that you can’t track them. However, this could be an excellent choice if you are looking for a helpful tool with many benefits.

6. Is Jungle Scout accurate?

To a certain extent, the tool is precise. Its algorithm suggests the most lucrative investment sectors.
It works by spotting popular search terms that are trending. Then you can create your keyword list from this information, which you can export and use for further research.

7. Can you make money with Jungle Scout?

With Jungle Scout, you can make money. With the help of this software, you can select the ideal keywords for your website and even build a product list.
Jungle Scout will provide a list of high-performing keywords and an easy-to-understand table detailing how much profit each term brings to your business. The anticipated earnings per click also display the approximate monthly revenue each keyword could generate (EPC).
Finally, it is crucial to remember that Jungle Scout has a built-in backlink checker that can help you find any potential issues before releasing your products or services to the public.

8. Jungle Scout: Is it worth it?

Jungle Scout will be worth it whether you are a seasoned seller or new to selling goods on the Amazon marketplace. The advanced data, automation, and reminders you receive will save you time and money.

Jungle Scout Cyber Monday Sale: Summary

Whether you want to start dropshipping with Amazon or if you already have a store, Jungle Scout could be the best solution to find a niche, win products, or increase your sales. Selecting the right product is one of the main success factors when doing dropshipping. And Jungle Scout is one of those tools that help their users build or improve their business on Amazon.

Jungle Scout aims to save you time in the short term (by giving you immediate indicators) while helping you prepare for your success in the long term (by allowing you to monitor the market).

It is complete, and its significant advantage is that all the tools you will need to develop your business are in a single and unique software.

Almost all small and medium business users can benefit from Jungle Scout. It contains several tools that offer comprehensive market analysis and listings and additional features to automate repetitive tasks.

Experienced users can use all the beautiful features of Jungle Scout for marketing their products, boosting sales, and improving interaction. Also, it is possible to multitask while adding team members.

Inexperienced sellers can use the program. Using Jungle Scout, an excellent place to start, provides several foundational tools that make the Amazon marketplace much more accessible to novice sellers. Even with less professional e-commerce skills, it can offer helpful insights and analytical data to launch and promote your products.

Additionally, Jungle Scout provides access to Seller Academy training, where new users can get guidance on crucial aspects of product SEO and advertising.

Overall, Jungle Scout can be considered a reliable all-rounder for Amazon sellers with varying degrees of experience.

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