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Instapage Pricing Plans 2022: Which is Best for You?

Instapage is a powerful landing page builder built to optimize landing pages for conversions.

Aside from being a landing page builder, this product offers end-to-end conversion solutions, including conversion rate optimization (CRO) and security features.

Regarding Instapage pricing, I think it’s pretty straightforward.

Looking for the right Instapage plan?

In this article, I’ll cover Instapage pricing plans and the features that come with each.

Having read this article, you’ll have a better idea of which plan suits you.

Instapage Pricing Plans

In the last few years, Instapage has changed its pricing multiple times.

It now offers two plans: Building and Converting.

The building plan costs $199/month when billed annually. The monthly pricing is $299. Converting plan offers custom pricing based on the user’s needs.

Although Instapage does not offer a free plan, you can try Building plan features for up to 14 days. To sign up, you must provide credit card information.

However, you won’t be charged until the trial ends.

Instapage Plans and Pricing

Instapage Pricing Plans
Instapage Pricing Plans

Let’s analyze both plans in more detail.

Instapage Building Plan: $199/month

You can get the Instapage Building plan for $199/month, which is the cheapest plan, but it might not be for everyone.

In contrast, the Building plan is ideal for businesses looking to build conversion-optimized landing pages.

Despite this, the Building plan comes with a few restrictions.

A Building plan allows you to publish 30 landing pages and support 30,000 visitors per month. It’s enough for small and medium businesses.

You can generate more conversions by using the plan’s features.

Among the features, you will get Instablocks, AdMap, Heatmaps, A/B Testing, Post Click Automation, Dynamic Text Replacement, etc.

Pros of Building Plan:

  • Range of powerful features like Heatmap, Instablocks, A/B testing, AdMap, and Post click automation.
  • Unlimited conversions
  • Advanced analytics
  • GDPR compliance
  • Integrating landing pages with Zapier

Cons of Building Plan:

  • Up to 30 landing pages can be published.
  • Suitable for Up to 30,000 unique visits a month.
  • Little expensive.

Instapage Converting Plan: Custom

You get access to most Instapage features with this plan. The plan is totally custom-made. For custom-made prices, you need to request a quote first.

Price for converting plans based on landing pages and monthly visitors. 

Big businesses and agencies with a lot of landing pages or thousands of visitors would benefit from this plan.

In the Converting plan, you’ll get some advanced features, including the basic ones that enhance landing pages.

Global blocks on Instapage Custom plan allow you to edit template blocks, so they change automatically everywhere they are placed.

You can build mobile-friendly landing pages with AMP features that load faster and convert more visitors.

A page migration service can help you migrate your existing landing pages to Instapage. You can get assistance from the Instapage launch team.

Dedicated launch specialists and managers help you get started with your campaign.

Other features of the Converting plan include real-time visual collaboration, audit logs, and 1:1 personalization of ads to pages.

Pros of Converting plan:

  • Pay for what you use with a customized plan
  • A dedicated launch team, 1:1 personalization of ads, editable global blocks, and audit logs are included.
  • anding pages with AMP support
  • Unlimited landing pages and visitors

Cons of Converting plan:

  • Quite expensive

Instapage Pricing: What Fits Your Needs?

All pricing plans and features were discussed above. Your business now needs to choose the right plan.

The Building plan is sufficient for a small business owner with little traffic. 

It includes 30 landing pages (perfect for small and medium businesses), 30,000 unique visitors, and five members team.

Choosing the Converting plan will help you build highly personalized landing pages that match the user’s intent. You may also use this plan if you exceed 30,000 visitors every month.

They will assign you a launch specialist and manager, so you can ask for help optimizing conversions.

Hopefully, now you know what plan is right for you.

Take advantage of Instapage’s 14-day free trial if you are still unsure.

Instapage Pricing Plans: FAQs

1. With the Instapage free trial, what features can I try?

Instapage’s plans include all its features except Global Blocks and AMP pages. To see these two in action, contact their sales representative.

2. What are the limits of the Instapage Business Plan?

The Instapage business plan includes 30,000 unique visitors per month, 30 landing pages published, five sub-accounts, and five team members. Contact their sales team to customize.

3. What are the usage limits for Instapage Enterprise Plan?

It is possible to customize the Enterprise plan completely. The limits will be set after they understand your business needs.

4. Instapage store visitor data? If yes, how to prevent it?

Instapage does not have access to your data because it is encrypted. It is possible to prevent this in the enterprise plan by setting up a direct lead bypass.

5. How will CSM (Customer Success Manager) handle my account?

As part of the enterprise plan, you will have a customer success manager who will act as an extension of your team. To define 360-degree success for your business in this field, he will offer customized training, assistance with features, conversion optimization, and knowledge sharing.

Instapage Pricing: Conclusion

Instapage’s features definitely justify its price.

It is definitely worth it to go with the Instapage Building plan instead of their lower-priced competitors. Your investment will be worth it as soon as you cover it with the best conversion options.

The Instapage is the best tool for building landing pages for ad campaigns.

It is one of the most popular tools for PPC advertisers to drive more conversions.

Don’t waste your time. Get started with Instapage today.

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