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In this article, we will discuss alternatives; as you know, in this fast-developing world, everything has an alternative.

In case you’re not happy with one, you can switch to the other. The same is true for As it is an AI-based tool and there are many other AI-based writing tools available in the market.

Their features are almost the same as the Some of them have better features than, while in some features, is one step ahead of them.

So you can switch to them if you find is not helpful for you. So let’s check what the best alternatives available in the market are. Paid Alternatives

1. Web Page Web Page, previously, is one of the tough competitors for This tool aims to solve daily problems faced by nearly every copywriter, such as writer’s block, poor conversion rates, and lengthy working times.

Features of is designed to write content for blog articles, social media posts, website copy, and many other things. It has many pre-built templates you can select from. These templates include:

Product descriptions:  You can write descriptions of different products for amazon sales pages or eCommerce sites.

Social network: With the help of this, you can write posts for social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

Google ads: Here, you are able to write content for google ads and many other digital ads.

Video content: Some people experience difficulties writing content for youtube videos. writes content that includes proper voice tones and contrast.

Blog content: It gives headlines, intros, and topic ideas for blog writing.

Email marketing: You can write headlines and subject lines of emails.

Like other AI copywriting tools, it has built-in writing features that can be used to enhance the content even further.

As an example, AI can expand and rewrite sentences to be more engaging and readable.

Money-back guarantee: does not offer a free trial like Instead, it provides a five days money-back guarantee on its plans. Pricing Pricing Plans Pricing Plans Pricing PlansMonthly PriceAnnual Subscription
Boos Mode$59/mo$49/mo Starter Plan:

With a starter plan, you can get access to all 50+ templates.

But it limits word generation. You can generate 20000 words per month. At a time, gives up to 600 characters of output.

It is able to generate content in 25+ languages. Also, you can get unlimited user logins and chat support. This is all you can get at $29/mo.

If you claim an annual subscription, you will get two months free. So you have to pay only $24/mo. Boss mode:

With this boss mode, you can write long blog articles and social media posts. It can generate about 50K to 700K words per month.

The output is up to 3000 characters. Here you can get a login for 10 users, and other features are the same as with the starter plan.

The boss mode also offers to compose and command features, a Google Docs editor and increased template limits.

You have to pay $59/mo for this plan, but if you go for an annual subscription, you will be charged $49/mo.

2. Web Page Web Page

This is an excellent tool if you’re looking for a way to create quality ad copy within a short amount of time. This can be another alternative for Features

The features of are quite similar to It can also generate blog ideas, intro, meta descriptions, sales emails, product descriptions, headlines, the primary text for ads, and many other things. This is another user-friendly AI tool.

The results are available within a few seconds. They are generally readable and do not differ that much from the writing of humans, but they still need to be edited. 

The best approach here is to add a list of keywords for the AI to use or avoid when creating an advertisement. So you can get optimized content.

You can create content in 60+ Languages. The tool can also generate blog outlines, social media captions, and content ideas that can be utilized in your brainstorming process.

It can generate a sample in less than 30 seconds. offers you a three-day money-back guarantee. Pricing Pricing Plans Pricing Plans offers three pricing plans. Pricing PlansMonthly PriceAnnual Subscription

Copysmith Starter Plan:

With a starter plan, you can get 50 credits or up to 33k words and 20 plagiarism checks.

Access for all 35+ templates, chrome extension, 60+ supported languages, and email support you will get with all the pricing plans.

You have to pay $19/mo for the starter plan, but you will get 15% off on an annual subscription.

Copysmith Professional Plan:

In this plan, you can get 400 credits or up to 260k word credits and 100 plagiarism checks.

It offers in-app chat support and third-party integrations with this plan.

This plan costs you $59/mo. But with a 15% discount, you have to pay $50/mo on an annual subscription.

Copysmith Enterprise Plan:

To enroll in this plan, please get in touch with customer support.

You have to tell them your requirements, like how many users and what features you want. According to your needs, you will get charged.

3. Writesonic

Writesonic Web Page
Writesonic Web Page

Writesonic is another AI copywriting tool that will be the next alternative for While its basic plan offers few features, the company has remained competitive in the market.

Writesonic Features

Writesonic is, first of all, capable of creating short-form content for its users. It includes digital ad copy, product description, SEO meta tags, and emails.

It can generate content in a few seconds. In case you are not happy with the result, you can perform it again. It also has an AI article writer, which creates blog posts in less than a minute. You will need to type in the necessary information.

Several writing tools are available on Writesonic to assist you, such as a content rephrase, grammar checker, sentence expander, and readability checker. 

Writesonic Pricing

Writesonic Pricing Plans
Writesonic Pricing Plans
Writesonic Pricing PlansMonthly PriceAnnual Subscription
Free Trial$0$0

With a free trial, Basic plan, and Economy plan, Writesonic offers almost the same features, including access to all basic features, 25 supported languages, and access for one user.

The only difference is the credits you can get. You can get 10 credits with a free trial, 100 credits or up to 50k words with a Basic plan, and 750 credits or up to 375k words with an Economy plan.

They also include long-form writing assistance and Semrush integration.

Writesonic Professional Plan:

With the Professional plan, you get all the features that come with the Basic and Economy plans. There is only one difference: you have unlimited credit. Thus, you need not worry about content generation limits.

Writesonic Startup Plan:

The startup plan also comes with unlimited credits. In addition to the above features, this plan offers access for two users and priority support. Browser extension and Shopify app will join this list very soon. Free Alternatives

4. Web Page Web Page

Another tool that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to create content is

Rytr is relatively new in the world of software tools. However, it appears promising and is cheaper than competing products. Features

The platform comes with some exceptional features like a built-in plagiarism checker, dedicated account manager, priority email, and chat support.

It has a clean interface that isn’t cluttered like some other AI tools. can create various types of content with different voice tones. It has 20+ voice tones which are far superior to other AI tools. You can also write in more than 30 languages with it. So you can go closer to your customers. 

Also, you can decide how many variants you need. You can select a maximum of three variants which I found comparatively less than other competitors. Some of them offer 6 to 7 variants within one click. It only takes seconds to write content. The content is well-written and relevant. It is also grammatically correct, but it is far from perfect.

With, you can generate website content, email, advertising for Facebook and Google, interview questions, job descriptions, SEO meta description, and youtube descriptions. Pricing Pricing Plans Pricing Plans Pricing PlansMonthly PriceAnnual Subscription
Free Plan$0$0
Saver Plan$9/mo$7.5/mo
Unlimited Plan$29/mo$24.16/mo Free Trial:

Like, Ryte also offers a free trial. In this free trial, you can only create 5000 characters per month.

It offers you a built-in plagiarism checker, access to 30+ use cases, 20+ tones and 30+ supported languages. Saver Plan:

This plan includes all the features of the free plan. However, you can generate up to 50k characters per month with it. You can also design your own use cases.

The price is only $9/mo. But if you commit to a year-long subscription, you will get 2 months for free. Unlimited Plan:

As its name implies, this plan offers unlimited character generation. Content writers and bloggers find this plan useful.

It includes all the features of the saver plan, plus a dedicated account manager and priority email and chat support.

You have to spend only $29/mo to purchase this plan. Like a saver plan, this plan also offers 2 months free on an annual subscription.

5. Web Page Web Page

You may want to consider if you are looking for a high-quality AI copywriting tool right now but can’t afford one right now. Because it has a freemium pricing structure, it’s generously allowing everyone to test all the features for free. Features

In comparison to other tools above, Snazzy may only offer fewer short-form content generation features right now.

Yet, some of them are unique that I have not seen in any other tool. It contains templates that startup entrepreneurs can use to pitch VCs or angels via email. These samples are good enough and sound convincing, and 100% understandable.

It can also generate Facebook/google ads, landing pages, product descriptions, and sales outreach emails. can help you brainstorm for viral growth ideas or for a business blog or Tik Tok video ideas. Pricing Pricing Plans Pricing Plans Pricing PlansMonthly PriceAnnual Subscription
Growth$49/mo$25/mo Free Trial:

Pricing plans at Snazzy are clear and straightforward. It is available for free for as long as you want. The only restriction is that you can only do five generations per day. It offers access to one user. Growth Plan:

With this plan, you can get unlimited generations and access for unlimited users. For this, you have to pay $49/mo. When you buy an annual subscription, you can get up to a 49% discount. With an annual plan, you will be charged $25/mo. Alternatives: Conclusion

Copy AI doesn’t stand alone when it comes to copywriting tools, as you’ll see from the above list of best alternatives.

You may find the above list helpful, even though it writes incredibly well, but it has certain limitations.

Our list of free alternatives and paid alternatives is presented for your convenience. So make your content writing easy and stress-free with these AI tools.

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