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Timely creation and storage of high-performing ads are essential for advertisers.

Despite their constant search for better ways to reach their target audiences, advertising agencies cannot find a tool that is suitable for their needs. was born from this need.

It is a potent tool for creating captivating ads.

Advertisers and publishers can take advantage of this platform to create data-backed, high-converting ads.

So I decided to write an review based on its features, pricing plans, and pros & and cons. Review: Overview helps marketers get more conversions from their advertising while saving time and money at the same time.

After a simple, fast, and intuitive setup, the results will be beautiful and conversion-oriented.

You can use AdCreative AI to…

  • Automate the process of creating high-converting ad creatives using data-driven insights.
  • Train AI from your analytics and advertising accounts.
  • Achieve conversion rate up to 14 times higher than ads without data.

It allows you to easily integrate different advertising channels since it is optimized for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Ads, and Bing Ads.

Let’s explore its top features in more detail. Review: Top Features

1. Unlimited Generation will generate unlimited sample posts for you. You simply need to put in the information that you wish to display and click the generate button. Within a few seconds, thousands of samples will appear on your screen.

Each ad creative design is different. Simply choose the poster you like best and download it.

2. Easy Customization Customization Options Customization Options

With AdCreative AI, you can create thousands of ad creatives and customize them to fit your needs. You can customize almost everything from font styles to sizes to backgrounds.

It is also possible to change the icon for your call to action.

The text can be edited after the poster has been generated; it allows you to do so.

A single click allows you to make changes in all creatives.

The changes you make will appear on all the ads when you click the “Edit all at once” option.

You can also edit a particular poster.

3. Image Search Engine Image Search Engine Image Search Engine

Another impressive thing about is its image search engine feature. 

Upload an image or choose from the library when you use the background remover. However, if you do not have a better image, you can use the image search engine.

You simply need to specify what kind of images you want, and it will present you with a large variety of images.

For example, I searched pollution, and it gave me results, as you can see in the image.

This will save you time from searching images on other websites.

4. Integrations

In the integrations, you can see that there are Facebook ads and Google Ads right now. allows you to connect your Facebook and Google ads accounts.

In the near future, will integrate with Google Analytics, Adyouneed and Zapier. 

I am interested in seeing Google Analytics and am hopeful that this data will be used to improve the AI recommendation system.

5. Free Trial

You can use free for seven days. A credit card is not required for the free trial. With the free trial, you will receive unlimited generations, 10 credits, and access to all features. It also allows you to set up two brands.

This free trial will give you an idea of how can be beneficial for you and how you can use it creatively.

6. Creative Insights: 

This feature allows you to track the performance of your creatives that you post on Facebook or Google. This data is available from the past seven days to the previous 12 months. This will enable you to improve your creatives and make them more conversion-focused. 

You can view your Creative Insights from your ad accounts after connecting your Facebook and/or Google accounts through the Integrations page and after selecting at least one account for your brand by clicking on Brands. Pricing Plans

The pricing structure provides two pricing categories: one for individuals and another for professionals.

Individual Plans Startup Plans Startup Plans
Startup PlansMonthly PriceAnnual PriceLink
Starter$29/mo$24.16/moBuy Now
Premium$59/mo$49.16/moBuy Now
Ultimate$99/mo$82.5/moBuy Now
Scale-up$149/mo$124.16/moBuy Now

As you can see, Individual categories offer four pricing options: Starter, Premium, Ultimate, and Scaleup. All plans come with almost the same features; the only differences are credits, brands, and subaccounts.

Each includes unlimited generation, Facebook and Google ads integration, access to an image search engine, and access to an artificial intelligence-based text generator.

Starter Plan:

  • Credits: 10 credits/month
  • Brands: 1
  • Sub Accounts: NA
  • Price: $29/mo

Premium Plan:

  • Credits: 25 credits/month
  • Brands: 2
  • Sub Accounts: NA
  • Price: $59/mo

Ultimate Plan:

  • Credits: 50 credits/month
  • Brands: 2
  • Sub Accounts: 1
  • Price: $99/mo

Scale-up Plan:

  • Credits: 100 credits/month
  • Brands: 2
  • Sub Accounts: 3
  • Price: $149/mo

Professional Plans Professional Plans Professional Plans
Professional PlansMonthly PriceAnnual PriceLink
Starter$189/mo$157.5/moBuy Now
Premium$249/mo$207.5/moBuy Now
Ultimate$399/mo$332.5/moBuy Now
CustomCustomCustomContact Sales Team

Professional plans offer the same features as individual plans. Below is a comparison.

Starter Plan:

  • Credits:100 credits/month
  • Brands: 5
  • Sub Accounts: 4
  • Price: $189/mo

Premium Plan:

  • Credits:200 credits/month
  • Brands: 10
  • Sub Accounts: 9
  • Price: $249/mo

Ultimate Plan:

  • Credits: 500 credits/month
  • Brands: 20
  • Sub Accounts: 14
  • Price: $399/mo

Custom Plan:

  • Credits: Unlimited
  • Brands: Unlimited
  • Price: Custom Review: Pros and Cons Pros:

1. Better Conversions

With, you can achieve 14x better conversion rates than those achieved with creatives that aren’t based on data.

2. Super Scalable

There is one creative or about 10,000 creatives for a month at

Using this tool, you can create ad banners and creatives that match your needs.

3. Created for Collaboration allows you to invite up to 25 users. They can all create creatives simultaneously under one main account.

4. Seemless Designs is an Al-powered platform that understands your font and brand colors to design many seamless designs that are perfect for your branding.

5. Platform Integrations

To help you get the most out of this tool, integrates with platforms such as Facebook, Google, Zapier, and ADYOUNEED.

6. Trained AI machine learning is getting smarter and smarter every day. It provides up-to-date, conversion-focused creatives. Cons:

Fewer credits

From a pricing point of view, I personally think that individual pricing plans offer fewer credits. Review: FAQs

1. What is

AdCreative.AI is a platform that utilizes artificial intelligence to create data-backed, high-converting advertisements for publishers and advertisers. Using machine learning algorithms, the software analyzes lakhs of ads and generates a few new ones based on what works well.

2. What is credit?

When you download a creative or banner for your campaign, your account receives one credit. Based on the package you choose, you can have 10, 100, or unlimited credits that renew every month.

3. What exactly do unlimited generations mean?

You can create thousands of visuals with There is no limit to how many times you can generate. Download just those you intend to use in your marketing strategy.

4. To use, must I connect ad accounts?

Absolutely not! You can use to find more personalized creatives as well as score your ads if you have your ad accounts linked to your brands. However, it’s not a requirement; thousands of their users have co-connections.

5. Does offer a free plan?

No. It doesn’t offer a free plan. Instead, you can have a free trial for seven days. It does not require a credit card.

6. What integrations are available for

With, you can easily diversify your advertising channels. Instagram, Facebook, Google Ads, LinkedIn, and Bing Ads are compatible with it. Review: Conclusion uses the latest in machine learning and deep learning technology to improve the ever-changing and evolving digital world.

Using AI technology, keeps ahead of the competition and ensures your ads perform well and drive conversions.

You simply need to connect your advertising account, upload your graphics and text, choose the brand’s color, and let the tool take care of the rest.

It will suggest the most effective ad creatives designs that will increase your conversion rate.

Start using this tool for only $29/month. You will not regret investing your money in this tool.

Why are you still waiting? Start your journey to success with Review Logo


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